Islamsk Jihad og Al Aqsa-medlemmene som angrep Israel lørdag for å kidnappe en israelsk soldat, kom kjørende i en hvit pressebil med TV påmalt.

Selv hevder Islamsk Jihad at bilen er plassert der av israelerne, men det foreligger bilder av bilen mens angrepet pågikk.

Misbruket representerer nok en forverring av forholdene for journalister i Gaza.

In Saturday’s attack, four gunmen drove a white jeep with press markings in English and Arabic to a fence on the Gaza-
Israel border, then broke through on foot and attacked a guard tower in a failed attempt to capture a soldier. Israeli troops killed one gunman, while the others escaped.

The attackers, from Islamic Jihad and an offshoot of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’
Fatah movement, abandoned the jeep. Associated Press photos show a white armored vehicle of a type used by reporters, its windshield pocked by bullet holes, bearing red markings reading «TV» and «Press.»

Reporters covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict often mark their cars to avoid being targeted. The incident Saturday marked the first time combatants have disguised themselves as reporters in an attack in the last seven years of violence.

The attack was certain to increase the risks for Gaza journalists, who already face intimidation from Palestinian militant groups involved in a violent internal power struggle.

Journalists have historically operated unhindered in Gaza. But in the past two years, a string of foreign reporters have been kidnapped by militants and released in the chaotic territory. A British TV correspondent, Alan Johnston, remains in captivity three months after he was seized.

Palestinians blasted for media disguise