Gaza er overtatt av mennene med våpen. Selv innen Hamas er det nå våpnene som styrer. «Alle» vet hvem som holder BBC-korrespondenten Alan Johnston, men ingen «myndighet» tør å gripe inn. Lovløsheten brer seg.

Koalisjonen mellom Hamas og Fatah er dømt til å mislykkes i et slikt miljø. Drap, vendettaer og rivaliseringer går for egen maskin.

Z., a Fatah leader in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, says that nothing has changed since the creation of the national-unity government. «The abductions, the assassinations, the shooting, everything is still gong on,» he says. «I don’t think things will change even after the new government has had a chance to establish itself.»

Z. told Haaretz he believed the worst was yet to come. «Pretty soon there will be militants in each and every junction. Everybody knows who’s holding Alan Johnston, the BBC correspondent kidnapped two weeks ago. It’s a large family, and they’re after money. Instead of surrounding the premises and acting against them, the security forces are negotiating with them,» he complains. «Breaking in their will cost lives, but there’s no alternative. You have to move in with force to restore order.»

What Z. doesn’t say is that all the large organizations, Fatah included, are trying to dissuade the renowned family from joining the rival faction. Foreign journalists who have been kidnapped and then released by the family say they were treated in an especially demeaning manner. They go on to say that the Iraqi influence was obvious in the clothing of their captors, their language and their methods of handling prisoners, including forced conversions to Islam.

38 mennesker ble drept i februar. Bare sist helg ble syv drept. Historien om Arafat Nufal forteller om et samfunn der den sterkeste overlever. Nufal var offiser i Den preventive sikkerhetsstyrken til president Abbas. Sist fredag ble kroppen hans funnet hengende fra en stolpe med 30 skudd gjennom.

This is the story of how Gaza is becoming a Palestinian Somalia, as Palestinian politicians celebrate the artificial unity deal.

Like the cars of many Palestinian officers, Nufal’s Mitsubishi was stolen two months ago. Since the disengagement, the vehicles of the Palestinian security forces have become all the rage for the car thieves of the Strip, who often sell them to Hamas.

Three weeks ago, Nufal located his car in the hands of Hamas militiamen. He asked them to return his car, but they refused. Then he sent «dignitaries» to talk to them: some of the prominent families’ elders, to no avail.

Two weeks ago, upon seeing his car again, he addressed the driver of the stolen vehicle. An argument ensued, which developed into a gunfight. In the conflagration, Nufal killed one of the men inside his car, Alah al-Khadad, a militant of Hamas’ Iz a Din al-Kassam Brigades.

Friday, his relatives, also active members in the Brigades, killed Nufal to avenge Khadad’s death.

Mekka-avtalen har dempet volden styrt fra toppen. Men den fortsetter på lavere nivå, der familie/klanrivalisering, kriminalitet og politikk går over i hverandre. Derfor spiller det ikke noen rolle hva man avtaler i Mekka. Feidene fortsetter.

The Strip is being run by a mixture of bloodshed, retribution killings, poverty, unemployment and violent confrontations over political and family loyalties.

While the anarchy and chaos were contained in past years to the ranks of the Fatah and the prominent families, it has now reached the ranks of Hamas as well.

Thursday, Hamas and Fatah officials met in the home of newly appointed Interior Minister Hani Kawasmeh to try to reach an agreement toward resolving the conflict. They agreed to create a joint operations room operating around the clock to handle all instances of violence.

Shortly after the meeting, Hamas militia men broke into the home of a prominent Fatah operative, killing a 2-year-old child. The assault was opposed by both the military and political leadership of the organization.

Security officials say internal groups within Hamas are working independently to ensure the interests of Hamas leaders who have had to step aside following the power-sharing agreement. The wounding of an Israeli Electric Corporation employee has been another result of the in-fighting within Hamas.

Sliding toward Somalia in Gaza

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