Wenders holdt sin monolog på et seminar i Berlin i november om «Europas sjel».

We live in the age of the image.
Today, no other realm of culture displays so much power
than that of the image.
Words, music, literature,
books, newspapers, rock’n roll, theatre…
nothing comes even close
to the authority of moving images, in cinema and television.

Why is it that today, not only in Europe,
but all over the world,
«going to the pictures»
is synonymous with
«seeing an American film»?!

Because the Americans realized long ago
what moves people most
and what gets them dreaming.
And they radically implemented that knowledge.
The whole «American Dream»
is really an invention of cinema,
and it is now being dreamed by the whole world.

I don’t want to discredit this,
but merely ask the question,
«Who is dreaming the European Dream?»
Or better: How are we encouraged to dream it?

Giving Europe a Soul?

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