Tre av de fire selvmordsbomberne 7-7 var ute og sjekket T-baneruta 28. juni, viser bilder som britisk politi offentliggjorde tirsdag. Bildene er nok et bevis på at selvmordsaksjonen var nøye planlagt.

Detectives found the images after discovering train tickets and receipts during searches of some the suicide bombers’ homes. After analysing thousands of hours of CCTV footage, police concluded the men were on «an apparent reconnaissance mission to the capital».

«It is believed the visit on June 28 might suggest the suspects were carrying out reconnaissance of potential targets on the London transport system and checking the time of the journey they intended to take on the day of the attack,» a police spokesman said. «Other cases here and abroad have suggested that terrorists do visit possible targets as part of their planning.»

The images show Mohammad Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer and Ger2_kommentare Lindsay meeting at Luton train station around 8.10am. They bought tickets and shortly afterwards boarded a Thameslink train to King’s Cross where they were captured on CCTV arriving and walking through the train station at approximately 8.55am.

July 7 bombers staged dummy run