Gaza – A senior Islamic Hamas official said Tuesday that if his movement wins in the upcoming parliamentary elections, it will not recognize the existence of the state of Israel.
Mahmoud Zahhar, Hamas’ top leader in Gaza, told a crowd of students in Gaza City that Hamas promised the Palestinian people that it would achieve a victory in the January 25 elections.
«As we win in the legislative elections, we would never recognize the state of Israel,» said Zahhar.
His remarks challenged earlier Israeli official statements opposing the participation of the militant group in the coming legislative elections.
«Whether Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon accepts it or not, we would participate in the elections, we would win and then we would bring the history back to 50 years ago,» he vowed.
«We would never recognize the state of Israel, and we would never accept its existence on the occupied lands of … the Palestinian territories,» said Zahhar.(dpa)