Ting snus på hodet: Vesten bebreider land som Pakistan for ikke å respektere menneskerettighetene i kampen mot terror. Nå svarer president Musharraf med å si at 7-7 er resultatet av at britene har vært for tolerante mot ekstremister som utnytter Storbritannias liberale asylregler. Organisasjoner som Hizb ut-Tahrir og al-Mahajiroun skulle vært forbudt for lengst, sier Musharraf.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, General Pervez Musharraf suggested that Britain had paid a price for putting the right of free speech before the need to curb militant Islamic organisations that openly advocate violence.

«They should have been doing what they have been demanding of us to do — to ban extremist groups like they asked us to do here in Pakistan and which I have done,» he said.

In particular, he said, Britain should have banned Al-Muhajiroun and Hizb ut-Tahrir, groups that he accuses of preaching anger and hatred and of calling for his own assassination.

«They could have banned these two groups. Good action is when you foresee the future and pre-empt and act beforehand, instead of reacting as in the case of Britain — which waited for the damage to be done and is now reacting to it.»

Pakistan accuses Britain of failing to tackle militants