En ny undersøkelse i Italia underbygger påstandene om at antisemittismen kanskje er i ferd med å utbre seg på nytt, det vil si blir mer akseptabel og spiselig.

35 prosent av italienerne – en av tre – tror «jødene» kontrollerer finans og medier, og 11 prosent tror tallet på jøder som ble drept i Holocaust er overdrevet.
Flertallet av italienerne har ikke antisemittiske holdninger, tross alt, kommenterer Eurispes-instituttet som står bak undersøkelsen…Men:
«there are areas in Italy, more or less widespread, of possible incubation of prejudice against the Jewish people».

Called «Anti-Semitism: a Virus in Incubation,» the poll was based on interviews with 1,500 Italians.
Asked how much they agreed with the affirmation that «Jews secretly control economic and financial power and the media,» 9.2 percent said they totally agreed and 24.9 percent said they substantially agreed, making a total of 34.1 percent.
The report said although a minority, it was high enough to raise concerns about a possible rise of anti-Semitism. It said the high number of undecided respondents — 17.9 percent — was «an ambiguity that should not be underestimated».
The majority of those asked said they felt the Holocaust was «the greatest genocide in history» but 11.1 percent said they believed the number of people who were killed was less than the generally used number of six million.
Only (?) 2.7 percent of those interviewed said they believed the Holocaust never happened.

Tullia Zevi, Italy’s best-known Jewish leader, told Reuters the results were both worrying and comforting.
«The evidence shows that Jews do not (control banking and the media) but old stereotypes die hard, particularly the ingrown prejudice that stems from the Christian teaching of contempt for the Jews,» she said.
Zevi said she was happy few Italians denied the Holocaust, proving that a drive to teach children in schools was working.
More than 50 percent of those polled disagreed with overall Israeli government policy on Palestinians.
Nearly 75 percent said both the Israeli government and Palestinian suicide bombers were at fault and 77.8 percent said they were against the construction of the barrier Israel is building in the West Bank.