Ifølge NYTimes er det tyrkere som anklager USA for å ha dratt Tyrkia inn i krigen mot terroristene. Det er ikke bra.

But as the city began burying their dead, anger over the violence focused on the United States as much as it did on the terrorists responsible.

«The U.S. paved the way for these attacks,» said Zehra Toprakceker, 24, weeping at the home of a friend who was killed at the British Consulate, one of bombers’ targets. Like many people in this dazed city, hit by four huge bombs in five days, she blames the United States for pulling her country into its war. «The U.S. is the one that started it all,» she said.

The attacks have realized many Turks’ fears that their country would be drawn into the escalating war between radical Islamic terror groups and the United States, particularly after the American-led invasion of Iraq, which is widely unpopular here.

Turkey Arrests Suspects in 2 Bomb Attacks in Istanbul