Ifølge NYTi­mes er det tyr­kere som ankla­ger USA for å ha dratt Tyr­kia inn i kri­gen mot ter­ro­ris­tene. Det er ikke bra.

But as the city began bury­ing their dead, anger over the vio­lence focu­sed on the Uni­ted Sta­tes as much as it did on the ter­ro­rists respon­s­ible.

The U.S. paved the way for these attacks,” said Zehra Toprak­ce­ker, 24, wee­ping at the home of a fri­end who was kil­led at the Bri­tish Con­su­late, one of bom­bers’ tar­gets. Like many people in this dazed city, hit by four huge bombs in five days, she bla­mes the Uni­ted Sta­tes for pul­ling her coun­try into its war. “The U.S. is the one that star­ted it all,” she said.

The attacks have rea­lized many Turks’ fears that their coun­try would be drawn into the escala­ting war between radi­cal Isla­mic ter­ror groups and the Uni­ted Sta­tes, par­ti­cu­larly after the Ame­ri­can-led inva­sion of Iraq, which is widely unpo­pu­lar here.

Tur­key Arrests Sus­pects in 2 Bomb Attacks in Istan­bul

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