Friend vs Foe

When the Wall came down it seemed as if politics had gone out of fashion. Fukuyamas End of History seemed neigh. Not so anymore. The animosity created by opposition to the war against Iraq is tangible. For first time there is a pronounced animosity between people for or against war.
The common denominator though for the antiwar-movement is above all resentment against the US, if not outright hate.
Observe the following movement: The politically correct had trouble recognizing that 9/11 meant a declaration of war. After the Afghanistan intermezzo they have now found a cause: the war against the war: i.e. The United States of America. Coining phrases like; the new emperors of the World (Pilger), says it all.
I simply ask: Do we once again find ourselves in an ideological battle akin to the Cold War? Something we would never have dreamed of 14 years ago.
The liberal, center and left, have finally found a good cause: against the new imperialism they call it. Will they be able to survive if US once again emerges triumphant? Maybe we must turn to the liberal left in the US who seems more capable of pursuing a serious debate.
This has become more pressing to me personally these last days: It is when I turn to magazine like Partisan Review that I find liberal voices that correspond to my own thoughts.
Breathe deep.


Addendum: One disturbing feature of the new antiwar/anti-America-movement, is the latent antisemitism, since Israel plays a central part in their thinking. This is not to be taken lightly.