Brussel-terroren kommer til å påvirke amerikansk valgkamp. Rent umiddelbart kan det se ut som Donald Trump vil dra fordel av terroren.

Det var primærvalg i Arizona og Utah for begge partier, og caucus for demokratene i Idaho.

Trump tvitret:

 “Do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place Brussels was. Not anymore, it is from a different world! U.S. must be vigilant and smart!”

Rivalen Cruz:

“Radical Islam is at war with us. For over 7 years we have had a president who refuses to acknowledge this reality.”

Men det er Trump som har vist seg som den dristigste og det kan virke som begivenhetene gir ham rett.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump has won support from millions of voters for his tough-talk about combating terrorism. He has said he would consider action against family members of terrorists to deter people from joining Islamic State and using harsh interrogation techniques to extract information or punish suspected militants. He has also drawn attention—and both support and criticism—for proposing a temporary ban on the entry of most Muslims into the U.S.

That proposal, made just days after the Dec. 2, 2015 terror attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., was ridiculed by numerous Republicans at the time, but Mr. Trump has stood by his proposal and many of his backers in primary elections have professed their support for the idea. Mr. Trump has said he wants to disrupt Islamic State’s access to the Internet, which the group uses for both communication and recruiting.

He has also vowed to build a large, 1,000-mile wall along the U.S. -Mexico border. This, he has said, would protect the U.S. from unwanted and illegal immigrants.

Vi i Document ønsker å legge til rette for en interessant og høvisk debatt om sakene som vi skriver om. Vennligst les våre retningslinjer for debattskikk før du deltar 🙂