Det er ikke noe EU å forlate, skriver Katie Hopkins i Daily Mail.

I stopped listening to people telling me why the Schengen zone mattered and suddenly saw a Great Wall of Wire snaking between Macedonia and Greece.

I looked at Merkel and realised instead of a world leader with kindness in her heart, there was just a ginger German – eating frites, prepared to throw Greece overboard so Germany could keep its head above water.

I watched pictures of asylum seekers in Calais, fighting authority with rocks and fire – a war of their own making – when they were supposed to be escaping the trauma of the very same.

Asylum seekers slashing wrists rather than jumping on transport to decent shelter because they had not come this close to Britain to end up living in France.

And this dodgy Union of ours, finally admitting half of these asylum seekers are no such thing. They were pleasure seekers, now boarding planes back to Baghdad because Finland is too cold and the weather not so nice.

Many are ruthless desperadoes, willing to throw their wives and kids to the bottom of the Med to have a chance of life where living is easy and family comes with benefits.