Shiaene i Bangladesh har feiret Ashura i 400 år uten problemer. I år ble prosesjonen angrepet med bomber. En 14-åring ble drept. 50 såret. IS tar ansvaret og sier det var deres folk.

IS kaller shiaene for «polyteister».

Bangladesh har 160 millioner innbyggere og bare 600.000 shiaer. De har fått leve fredelig frem til nå, i motsetning til i Pakistan, der angrep er langt vanligere.


A suspected Islamic State account issued a statement online claiming responsibility for the bombing, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors extremist messages and propaganda.

The statement said “soldiers of the Caliphate in Bangladesh” were able to detonate explosives in a temple of “polytheists in the city of Dhaka, during the holding of their polytheist rituals.”

It was the third act of violence in Bangladesh that an Islamic State account has claimed in the last month, after the murders of two foreigners, an Italian man and a Japanese man.

The Ashura procession, organizers say, has proceeded uneventfully for 400 years, drawing throngs of Sunni Muslims who wind through the narrow streets of Old Dhaka alongside their Shia neighbors.

There is virtually no history of sectarian tension between Bangladesh’s Sunnis and its tiny minority of Shia.

Shia who proceeded to march later in the day said they were still grappling with the notion that terrorists might target Bangladeshis based on their sect.

Det var også et angrep på shiaer i Oslo fredag da de marsjerte gjennom byen.