En amerikansk professor er sagt opp fra militærakademiet i West Point, etter at han kalte akademikere som undergraver krigen mot terror for forrædere. William C. Bradford ville ha lojalitetseder og stille de som ikke vil være patrioter for retten. Det ble for drøy kost. Fox News.


An academy spokesman said William C. Bradford resigned on Sunday. He said no further details will be released because of privacy and legal constraints.

Bradford made the comments in an article for the National Security Law Journal earlier this year. In the article, he said legal scholars who criticize U.S. tactics in the war on terror are helping ISIS undermine America. He argued that such academics should be considered enemy combatants and charged with treason.

The publication, which is edited by students at George Mason University in Virginia, apologized in an editorial last week in a response to a barrage of criticism from its readers. Editor-in-Chief Rick Myers repudiated the article, saying the publication is reviewing its selection process “to ensure that we publish high quality scholarly articles.”

Bradford’s 95-page article says that liberals dominate legal academia and use their position to undermine public support of U.S. military efforts to combat ISIS. He advocates a number of measures to counter “Islamist sympathizers and propagandists» in academia, including firing them, requiring loyalty oaths and charging them with treason.