IS viser bilder av antikke statuer fra Palmyra som ødelegges med slegge. De skal ha arrestert en mann som forsøkte å smugle ut seks statuer. Bildene viser ødeleggelsene av dem og pisking av mannen.


Six statues are shown being hit with sledgehammers while a crowd looks on.

The jihadist group said the statues had been seized from a smuggler, who was pictured being whipped as a punishment.

Meanwhile, the UN’s cultural agency has said antiquities plundered by IS from sites in Iraq and Syria have ended up with collectors in the UK.


Syria’s antiquities director Maamoun Abdelkarim said on Thursday the IS group had destroyed a 2,000-year-old statue of a lion from the Palmyra ruins.

Mr Abdelkarim called the destruction of the three-metre (10ft) statue, known as the Lion of al-Lat, «the most serious crime [IS has] committed against Palmyra’s heritage.»

Når man ser det fantastiske kunstverket av løven og antilopen den holder mellom bena, forstår man at IS er i stand til alt.