En mann holder gisler i et postkontor i Paris-forstaden Colombes. Myndighetene tror ikke det er terrorrelatert, men gir motstridende informasjon

Det heter både at mannen er en vanlig kriminell og at det er en person som er psykisk ustabil.

According to reports on multiple French media outlets, at least two people were being held in a post office in Colombes by an unidentified assailant or assailants.

According to a report on French radio network RTL, a man known to police and with a history of petty crime had called police himself and claimed to be armed and holding three people in post office. RTL said he also made some nonsensical remarks to the police on the telephone.

According to officials, the situation in Colombes did not appear to be terror related, but they did not provide any further information about who was inside the post office. Reports suggested it was likely a local with possible mental illness.

En person ved sine fulle fem ville vært klar over at det å ta gisler i dagens Paris er risikoatferd. Med soldater og tungt væpnet politi i hvert kvartal.