Let there be no doubt. A third intifada will be different from the other two. It will be jihad. The West should stop pretending that it doesn’t understand. The Jews already know.

In order to unleash the Palestinian wrath, one must pretend that the Jews are about to trample on the holiness of the Temple Mount. It is no coincidence that sinister motives of sacrilege are trumpeted as Israel’s goal. From sacrilege flows jihad.

Thus, the conflagration that is consuming Syria and Iraq, can spread to Israel. The jihadists are already standing on Israel’s doorstep. The Nusra Front is on the Golan Heights.

Above all, Europe should be concerned. History is on the move. Jihad is once again emanating from European soil, meaning Nazi-Germany was also a kind of jihad. The old skeletons are rumbling. Once more Europe is caught up in a new wave to exterminate the Jews. Europe may disassociate itself from this threat to Jews. Isn’t Europe also threatened?

But the very same continent has for a long time been pursuing a pro-Palestinian policy that blends solidarity with Palestinians with cosying up to Hamas. The Left, having been instrumental in shifting Europe’s perspective in such a way that Israel’s point of view evaporates, is no longer understandable. Having denied themselves of the capacity to understand Israel, Europa can give vent to their outrage at Israeli bombing. The gnawing guilt complex can be transformed into rage, and the shame and guilt will be fuel in the furnace that is driven by righteousness on behalf of the Palestinians.

The shadow of the past is thus driving Europe forward and it must keep moving in order for it not to come to its senses. More resolutions, condemnations, admonishments, threats, cajoling and promises. They all leave Israelis cold and prove to them that Europeans do not understand. Another proof for the Europeans that the Israelis are beyond redemption, although it cannot be uttered that bluntly. Not yet.

Europe is on a roll, and pretends not to notice the hoarse guttural shouts in the streets: Death to the Jews.

Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande may condemn the new anti-Semitism, but as long as they shy away from mentioning by whom, their words ring hollow. The new hatemongers can clearly hear their weakness.

It is a sorry state of affairs. Europe is once again the scene of anti-Semitism, in its lethal sense. And Europa cannot bring itself to realise the quandary it is in. The continent is full of agony. The old categories from the Holocaust come into play: Perpetrators, victims and bystanders. Most Europeans feel hapless.

But they should not. Europe has long been carried along by the anti-Israeli sentiment, all the more powerful because it mixes emotions and politics. The Left are experts on instrumental justice, and have been pushing for recognition of a Palestinian state.

Sweden recently recognised Palestine. The new social democratic government has an islamist in government, Mehmet Kaplan. The leader of Norway’s trade association, LO, Gerd Kristiansen, wrote to the Norwegian conservative government asking them to do the same.

The writing has been on the wall for a long time: the left has embraced an alliance with Islam and Muslims that is fashioned in such a way that Jews must submit to their definition of justice, and that, unfortunately, is incompatible with Israel’s survival. Jews must choose. Many have left and many more will in the future.

Thus Israel knows something about the future of Europe that Europe itself does not want to know. Jews know exile. Uprooting is something embedded in their psyche. For most Europeans it is an alien idea, but the speed of change leaves them with the same feeling of being made redundant in what were once their homes.

What is the solution? Learn from Israelis. There is no one else. No one to turn to. One must take hold of one’s own destiny. That means owning up to Europe’s bloody history. If Europe betrays Jews once more, it will also betray its own future.