David Cameron skriver i Sunday Telegraph at den vestlige verden må forberede seg på en langvarig kamp mot islamismen av typen ISIS.

“We are in the middle of a generational struggle against a poisonous and extremist ideology which I believe we will be fighting for the rest of my political lifetime,” he says. “We face in Isil a new threat that is single-minded, determined and unflinching in pursuit of its objectives.

“Already it controls not just thousands of minds, but thousands of square miles of territory, sweeping aside much of the boundary between Iraq and Syria to carve out its so-called caliphate. It makes no secret of its expansionist aims.

“Even today it has the ancient city of Aleppo firmly within its sights. And it boasts of its designs on Jordan and Lebanon, and right up to the Turkish border. If it succeeded we would be facing a terrorist state on the shores of the Mediterranean and bordering a Nato member.”

Likevel unngår Cameron å nevne bakkestyrker. Han sier Storbritannia vil levere våpen, men ikke soldater.

Det er et misforhold mellom Camerons ord: hvis konflikten er så dyp at den vil vare i generasjoner, virker det merkelig at han benekter at den har noe med krigen mot terror  å gjøre, og heller handler om «anstendighet».

Slike ord tyder på at Cameron egentlig ikke ønsker at involveringen i Irak skal koste noe på hjemmebane.


But Mr Cameron rules out deploying troops to Iraq, making clear that the crisis is not “a problem that should be defined by a war 10 years ago”. However, while he says this is not the “War on Terror” or a religious war, it is a struggle for “decency” and ‘tolerance” and Britain’s future prosperity.

“I agree that we should avoid sending armies to fight or occupy, but we need to recognise that the brighter future we long for requires a long term plan for our security as well as one for our economy,” he says.



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