En 14-årig gutt, Mohammad Reza Haddadi, står i fare for å bli henrettet i Iran og Iran Human Rights ber innstendig en besøkende EU-delegasjon om å gjøre alt de kan for å redde hans liv.


A juvenile offender is in imminent danger of execution while a European Parliament delegation is visiting Iran, according to Iran Human Rights.

Mohammad Reza Haddadi was sentenced to death in 2004 for a murder he allegedly committed when he was 14.[1] Although the Supreme Court upheld his death sentence in July 2005, his execution has been postponed four times. He is currently being held at Adelabad Prison in Shiraz, which holds many juvenile offencers.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of IHR said: «We ask members of the European Parliament who are currently visiting Iran, particularly the head of the delegation Mrs. Tarja Cronberg, to put juvenile executions on their agenda and make all their efforts to save Mohammad Reza Haddadi and the other juvenile offenders who are at risk of imminent execution».

Other minor offenders currently held at Adelabad Prison, who might be at risk of imminent execution, are Abomoslem Sohrabi and Fatemeh Salbehi.[2]

Iran has ratified the UN convention on right of the child, but remains as one of the few countries still executing juvenile offenders. Earlier this year an 18 year old boy was executed in Kazeroun (Fars Province) for an offence committed when he was 14.[3][1] «Urgent: The minor offender Mohammadreza Haddadi to be executed tomorrow», IHR, December 8, 2009 (http://iranhr.net/spip.php?article1471)
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