Den hvite enke, Samantha Lewthwaite, er etterlyst over hele verden av Interpol med en såkalt red alert.

En undres hvordan det var mulig at hun kom seg unna. Men det skal flere av terroristene ha gjort, ifølge rapporter.

Kenyanske myndigheter får stadig større problemer med å forsvare seg.

Amerikanerne tror at våpnene var kjøpt eller leid av kenyanske militære.

“They had people in there, they had stuff inside there,” said an American security official who asked not to be identified because he was not authorized to speak publicly. “This was all ready to go when the shooters walked in.”


American officials said the militants must have had a back office in Kenya, a safe house to finalize their plot and store their guns. Witnesses said several militants had toted G3 assault rifles, a bulky weapon that Kenyan security services use. Intelligence analysts say this may mean the militants acquired their weapons from corrupt Kenyan officers, who are known to sell or rent out their guns, charging as little as a few dollars an hour.

After killing scores of shoppers, the militants retreated into a supermarket and used belt-fed machine guns to hold off the Kenyan forces, killing at least six members.

“You don’t bring something like a crew-served weapon through the door,” an American official said, referring to heavy machine guns. “Those must have been stored well beforehand.”


Enkelte muslimer ble drept, men det bortforklarer ikke at de fleste ble tvunget til å avlegge tester på om de var muslimer eller ikke. Nei, betød døden.


Some Muslims were indeed killed in the mall. But many survivors of the attack said the militants had questioned people at gunpoint about their religion, ruthlessly sorting out non-Muslims for execution. Aleem Manji, a Kenyan radio announcer, remembered that as he uttered an Islamic prayer to save his life, the gunman threatening to kill him spoke fluent English.

Det kommer stadig nye eksempler på terroristenes brutalitet.

Fred Bosire, a supermarket worker, described how he was shot in the leg as he cowered behind a meat counter, and watched several other people being executed.

At one point, the gunmen paused to drink bottles of fizzy pop.

“Before long they started to call out for survivors, “if you’re still alive, we’ll let you go,” they said,” Mr Bosire said.

“I wanted to speak out so badly. I was so tired but before I did anything I heard some ladies call out. I wish they hadn’t. I wish they’d held on because I heard them get shot in cold blood.”

Ødeleggende for tilliten til myndighetene er rapporter om at etterretningen visste om angrepet på forhånd.

It emerged that a pregnant policewoman has recorded a police statement after her brother, who works for the NIS, warned her not to visit Westgate last Saturday because of an impending attack. The officer is being sought for interrogation.

«She has told police that her brother warned her not to visit Westgate because she would not be able to run with her bulging tummy,» a senior officer told Kenya’s The Star newspaper.