Den kjente egyptiske forfatteren Alaa al-Aswany legger ikke fingrene i mellom i karakteristikken av president Mohamed Morsi og Brorskapet. De er ved å ødelegge Egypt. Al-Aswany kaller Brorskapet for fascister.

Da Morsi ble valgt for et år siden gledet egypterne seg over en ny start. I dag vet de bedre. Brorskapet er flinke til å si de riktige ordene, men det de gjør er noe helt annet.

Artikkelen sto i den libanesiske avisen As-Safir, og er oversatt til engelsk av


The Muslim Brotherhood is refusing to face reality and has accused those calling for early elections of being remnants of the Mubarak regime or secular infidels who oppose Islam. These fantasies are repeated by the Brotherhood because they don’t want to admit to their failure and crimes.

The Brotherhood is living in a virtual world, far removed from our own. They consider themselves holy, that God alone has chosen them and entrusted them with upholding his word and restoring the glory of Islam. Thus, they give themselves the right to lie, deceive and defraud — to abuse people and kill them. They convince themselves that their crimes are necessary for the victory of Islam, while the “enemies of Islam” have never harmed the religion in the way that the Brotherhood has through their reprehensible actions.

If the Brotherhood thought a little and reviewed what happened during the year in which they ruled Egypt, they would realize that it was the Brotherhood members themselves who divided the nation, compromised its interests and sullied the organization’s reputation.

When an elected president from the Muslim Brotherhood came to power, millions of Egyptians rejoiced in the streets. More of them rejoiced about the defeat of the representative of the old regime (Ahmed Shafiq), than about the election of Mohammed Morsi, who they had not heard of before the elections.

Egyptians were optimistic about the first civilian elected president following the revolution, and representatives of nationalist and revolutionary forces answered his call for dialogue. While most of these forces were at odds with the Brotherhood intellectually, they all showed an honest willingness to help him succeed in achieving the goals of the revolution and advancing Egypt.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later Egyptians discovered that the man they had elected was not an actual president, but a subordinate to the Brotherhood’s guidance office. They discovered that Morsi was not leading Egypt, but rather Khairat al-Shater.

Egyptians also discovered that the Brotherhood is not a political party or even a religious preaching group. Rather, it is a fascist religious sect that teaches their children to be intolerant, to have a sense of superiority over others and to have contempt for them and to disregard their rights. Thus, they are willing to commit crimes ranging from lying and perjury to even murder.

Anything is permissible to them as long as it achieves the group’s interests, which to them are more important than those of the nation.

Everything that the Brotherhood has done over the past year holds the same meaning, is carried out in the same way and ends in the same result. The Brotherhood always says the correct thing but does the wrong thing. They raise beautiful slogans, and then do things that hurt the people and the country, as long as it benefits the group.

The Brotherhood dismissed the attorney-general who was affiliated with former president Hosni Mubarak, yet instead of appointing an independent attorney-general that reflected the will of the people, they appointed a Brotherhood-affiliated attorney-general who would be a tool in their hands. This attorney-general could punish anyone that opposed the group, while, through him, the Brotherhood could escape accountability for all of the heinous crimes they committed, which are all recorded on video and audio.

The Brotherhood called for the cleansing of state media, and then came a Brotherhood-affiliated media minister who verbally harassed women. The official media is now subject to the will of the Brotherhood. They called for cleansing the judiciary and then manipulated the law to get rid of thousands of judges so they could replace them with judges loyal to the Brotherhood.

For the first time in Egypt’s modern history, the president has issued a declaration that puts his individual will above the law and the constitution. This declaration disrupted the statutes of the judiciary and fortified the illegitimate Shura Council and the illegitimate Constituent Assembly, allowing the issuance of the illegitimate constitution. Morsi then put the constitution to a referendum to give him legitimacy, despite the provisions of the Constitutional Court, which stress that referenda cannot give legitimacy to illegitimate measures.

In the era of the Brotherhood, 100 martyrs were struck down by police bullets and thousands of innocents were arrested and subjected to grotesque torture. There are 20 documented cases of detained men being raped. All of this did not bother Morsi (the Islamic president). When residents of Port Said were mourning the city’s residents killed by the police, Morsi appeared to thank the killers and threatened the victims with more killings. Next, Coptic Christians were killed, one of them burned alive. After the Coptic cathedral was subject to gunfire and Molotov-cocktail attacks, Morsi merely made a phone call to express his condolences. Meanwhile, when the UAE made efforts to contain the Brotherhood, Morsi couldn’t sleep until he sent a presidential aid and the head of intelligence to help them — not because they were citizens, but because they were members of the Brotherhood.

Egyptian soldiers are kidnapped and killed in the Sinai, but the Brotherhood failed to arrest the perpetrators. They do this in order to please the extremist groups, on which the Brotherhood want to be able to rely.

Now the picture is crystal clear. This is not a failed president that should be given a chance to correct his mistakes; this is a fascist gang that is implementing its plan to control the Egyptian state. They want to gain power and forever prevent a rotation of power. Every passing day that the Brotherhood is in power leads to the loss of Egypt in every sense of the word.

In the midst of this darkness emerged the Tamarrud campaign. This is a revolutionary and creative idea, the best part of which is that it will lead to removing the Brotherhood from power by peaceful and democratic means.

Withdrawing confidence from the president is the inherent right of the parliament. Since there is currently no parliament in Egypt, withdrawing confidence from the president becomes the right of the people who elected him.

The Tamarrud campaign succeeded in collecting 16 million signatures, which is a number greater than than those who voted for Morsi in the election. After the success of the Tamarrud campaign, Morsi — politically and democratically — became obligated to hold early presidential elections.

If Morsi were an ordinary president, he would have been embarrassed by 16 million Egyptians withdrawing confidence in him and taken the initiative on his own to resign and called for early presidential elections. Yet Morsi belongs to the Brotherhood, which is more than willing to kill Egyptians and destroy the nation in order to remain in power — in any way and at any price.

Thus, Egyptians have no choice but to take to the streets. June 30 will be the date for convening the «general assembly» of the Egyptian people. Egyptians will come to the squares in all the provinces. They will hold sit-ins and won’t return to their homes until Morsi announces that he is stepping down from power and accepts early presidential elections. All segments of society have declared that they will participate in the June 30 demonstrations: artists, students, workers, trade unions, political parties, all national forces and — most importantly — ordinary citizens who had never cared about politics before.

This is our only demand: early presidential elections. There is no room for negotiating with the Brotherhood. If you love Egypt and want to save it from the clutches of this fascist gang, if you want a respectable state that does not discriminate among its sons, if you want to be faithful to the 3,000 martyrs who died so we could live in a free country, if you are loyal to the 18,000 injured who have paid for our dignity with their blood, come down to the streets on June 30 and don’t return until we’ve removed this sorrow from our country. Erupt … or die.

Democracy is the solution.

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