Norske aviser likte helst å trykke hyllest av Fredsprisen. Krakilske briter er mest for kuriosa å ligne. Men det er flere som heller malurt i begeret.
At Vaclav Klaus i Tsjekkia og Lech Walesa er kritiske, er verdt å merke seg.
Både de og Nigel Farage falt av stolen over tidspunktet.
«This goes to show that the Norwegians really do have a sense of humour,» said European parliament member Nigel Farage, head of the UK Independence Party, who wants a referendum on Britain leaving the EU.
«The EU may be getting the booby prize for peace because it sure hasn’t created prosperity. The EU has created poverty and unemployment for millions,» Farage charged.
Czech President Vaclav Klaus took a similar line, calling the prize a
«tragic mistake».
«I really thought it was a hoax, a joke. I couldn’t imagine even in a dream that someone could be serious about it,» he added.
Lech Walesa, who won the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize for leading Poland’s anti-communist movement, said he had been «unpleasantly surprised» by the award.
«Certainly the European Union is trying to change Europe and the world in a peaceful way but it gets paid to do that,» while individual activists routinely make sacrifices and take huge risks to do so, Walesa said.
Both he and Klaus suggested it might have been better to award the prize to an individual rather than an organisation.