Syv mennesker ble drept i uro rundt islam-videoen fredag. De fleste ofre for sammenstøt med politi i Khartoum, Tunis og Kairo.

Men det illevarslende var at mobben valgte seg nye mål: en amerikask skole nær ambassaden i Tunis, den amerikanske, men også den tyske og britiske ambassaden i Khartoum – som intet har med videoen å gjøre – óg basen til internasjonale observatører i Sinai – alle ble angrepet.

Det tyder på at mobben går løs på alt som er utenlandske, ubeskyttede mål, for myndighetene har ikke vilje til å forsvare utenlandske dem. Det er allerede i ferd med å forvandle video-konflikten til noe annet og langt mer alvorlig. Bekymringen var tydelig fra europeiske hovedsteder og Washington fredag.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso condemned the attacks as unacceptable and against «the rules of the civilised world.»

EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton urged «national authorities in all countries concerned to swiftly ensure the security of diplomatic missions and protect diplomatic staff».

«It is vitally important that leaders across the affected regions should call immediately for peace and restraint, as has already been the case in many countries.»

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said the Sudanese ambassador in Berlin had been summoned on Friday and «unequivocally reminded of his government’s duty to protect diplomatic missions».

Internasjonal opinion kan ikke unnlate å spørre om dette er den ny vending som den arabiske våren tar – mobbstyre.

BBC hadde live dekning igår. Jeremy Bowen gjentar og gjentar at det er filmen som har forårsaket alt dette.

Leser man nøyere dukker interessante detaljer opp:

Bel Trew

tweets from Cairo: Now there is much more anti-US sentiment than during morning clashes. I would not want to be American here,lots of interrogations

Det er ingen forsøk på å holde ting fra hverandre. Alle amerikanere er «skyldige» og alle amerikanske mål legitime. De som er med å understreke at videoen har skyld i alt dette kan sies å være med å legitimere angrepene.

Deena Adel

Tweets from Cairo: Hotel guests freaking out, some with their luggage ready but unable to leave, their eyes tearing up from the strong tear gas.

Alan Boswell

tweets: The protests in Khartoum seem conveniently more anti-West than anti-«movie». Okay, NCP, nice distraction. #Sudan

Angrepet på den tyske ambassaden hadde en annen grunn: dommen mot omskjæring av gutter i Køln.

Becky, Khartoum, Sudan

emails: The attacks on the British and German embassies are not solely because of the film. The German embassy has seen protests for a few days due to the law banning circumcision that has recently been passed. The British and German embassies are next to each other in Khartoum and it is reasonable to assume that it all got conflated.

Det er altså for lett å si, slik etablerte medier gjør, at alt skyldes videoen. Fremgangsmåten synes heller å være – er det noe vi ikke liker, så brenn det.

Ashraf Khalil

Tweets: Crowd in #Tahrir just burned a makeshift American flag. Now chanting «oh Obama, you terrorist» #Egypt

Tvitringen har informasjonsbiter som journalistene ikke har eller utelater. En tweet forteller om brenning av det amerikanske og israelske flagg i London.


About 200 protesters are burning USA and Israeli flags outside the US embassy in London

PÅ hvilket tidspunkt vil uroen forplante seg til Europa? Hva vil europeiske myndigheter gjøre? Hva vil massene i Midtøsten gjør hvis de ser at deres trosfrender angripes av politi i Europa? Situasjonen kan lett komme ut av kontroll, og europeerne kan lett bli styrt av frykt.

En kopter i Kairo har synspunkter som ikke kommer frem: koptere utsettes for slikt hat og hets hele tiden.


Samir Elias, a Coptic Christian doctor in Cairo, tells the BBC: «I have to say that most Copts here are refusing these kinds of movies. Firstly because we ourselves are suffering from the same thing, because sometimes the extremist media and some Islamic religious men do this kind of thing to our religion, and we say that it’s not right, so if someone else does it against other religions we refuse it too. »



tweets: The black flag replaced US flag in US embassy in Tunisia while the security forces are outside it !!!

Amerikanske diplomater i Brussel føler seg ikke sikre!


US embassy in Brussels is sending its staff home early after reports of a planned protest, Belgium’s Le Soir daily reports

Varsel om hvilken retning utviklingen går i Egypt:


Members of the group «I’m a bearded police officer» earlier joined the protest in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, some wearing police uniforms. Egyptian police officers and soldiers are forbidden from having a beard, and these officers are demonstrating to be allowed to return to work.

Uroen spredte seg helt til Texas


Universities in the US states of Texas and North Dakota have evacuated their campuses after recieving bombs threats, reportedly from a man «with a Middle Eastern accent» who claimed to be from al-Qaeda

Part of the problem?

Uttalelsen fra Tunisias statsminister er ikke akkurat betryggende når det gjelder synet på ytringsfrihet. Han mener videoen er vold, og anbefaler at filmfolkene bak heller stilles for retten.

Hamadi Jebali, Tunisian Prime Minister

told the BBC: «To answer violence with violence is strictly prohibited, we can’t defend it … If artists and musicians are being provocative we should find the proper proof against them and take them to court.»


Shadi Hamid Director of Research at Brookings Doha Centre

tweets: White House spokesman Jay Carney is saying the protests are not directed against US policy. Unfortunately, he’s wrong.

USA har lenge ignorert at Saudi-Arabia finansierer salafister over hele verden, spesielt Egypt.

Hani Shukrallah Egyptian journalist

tweets: Saudi backed Salafists + Qaeda oriented Jihadis have joint stake in silencing the Arabs’ cry for freedom in din of religious frenzy

Også det tyske flagget ble erstattet av det nihilistiske jihad-flagget:


The German embassy in Khartoum, pictured here, has been partially set alight. Demonstrators also tore down the German flag and hoisted an Islamic banner in its place.

Nigeria er også en demning som lett brister:

1650: Ishaq Khalid, BBC Hausa in Jos, Nigeria

says: «Hundreds of youth carrying placards denouncing Israel and the United States have gathered. On the other side, there are many heavily armed security personnel with armoured tanks. Even though they shot into the air, perhaps to disperse the crowd, there has been no violence, and up till now there are no reports of deaths or injuries. The protest has been peaceful.»

Og så Sinai:

AJE Live Al Jazeera news

tweets: Protesters from Salafist groups in Sinai have stormed camp for UN multinational peacekeepers in town of Sheikh Zuwayed http://aje.me/QSTTLH


AFP reports that it was a group of Bedouin who stormed the international peacekeepers’ camp in Egypt’s Sinai to protest against a film mocking Islam. They reportedly broke through the fence of the compound and set fire to an observation tower.


A senior official with the international peacekeeping force in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has told Associated Press that four officers were wounded when suspected Islamic militants stormed their base.

Ikke undervurder folks intelligens. Følgende skarpe observasjon kommer fra Jemen:

brahim Mothana, Yemen

tweets: Explaining the current rage by pointing to a 10 minute film is equally superficial to saying the Arab Spring was only caused by Bouazizi

Bouazizi var grønnsakselgeren i Tunisia som tente på seg selv i protest mot politiets behandling av ham. Regnes som utøsende for protestene som veltet Ben Ali.

Etterhvert som islamister og mobb får mer makt i det offentlige rom, kan det bli vanskeligere med informasjon:

Laura Rozen

tweets: Salafists surrounded, assaulted @almonitor journalist filming man holding black Islamist flag in Tunis. ‘Why are you filming the brothers?’

En utenlandsarbeider i Tunisia skriver:

There is a general feeling of sadness here about the extremist Salafi Islamists.»

Ekstremismen finnes over hele verden, Maldivene er utrolig nok ett sted:

Shif Ahmed, in Male, Maldives,

emails: Today there were demonstrations outside the UN building in Male, in the Maldives. They called death to the Jews and burnt the American flag. Many young children with toy guns were made to take part.

Vestlige journalister som hele tiden understreker at det er videoen som er årsaken, skylden og forklaringen, går glipp av hva en britisk muslim påpeker:

Nazia Ali, in Britain,

emails: I’m a Muslim, born and brought up in Britain. I was quite upset after seeing the video clips on Youtube but whatever is happening around the world is very very wrong. There is no need for violence. I wish people would understand the correct Islam even Muslims themsleves especially those causing the violence as this is not the way to protest.

Håp? Folk har fått en frihet, vil de tillate at den tas fra dem? Ser de sammenhengen mellom mobben og deres egen frihet, at de er next in line?


tweets: Having so much discussions with fellow Egyptians re freedom of expression… many taken back by passion for free expression even if offensive