Minnepinnen som ble funnet skjult i pornofilmen Kick Ass, viser at Al Qaida planla å kapre et cruiseskip, kle passasjerene i guantanamo-drakter, og henrette dem foran kamera.

Mumbai-angrep er al Qaidas foretrukne metode for tiden.

CNN said German investigators managed to unearth what was described as a «treasure-trove» of intelligence about al-Qa’ida’s plans. It included a plot to hijack cruise ships and dress captured passengers in Guantanamo Bay-style orange uniforms. Al-Qa’ida planned to film the execution of the captured passengers «one by one» if the authorities refused to comply with its demands. The information also included details about al-Qa’ida’s plans for gun attacks in Europe.

German intelligence officials were said to have unearthed the information while interrogating a 22-year-old Austrian citizen, Maqsood Lodin, who was on a counter-terrorism watch list when he was pulled in for questioning in Germany in May last year. Mr Lodin and a suspect named Yusuf Ocak are on trial in Berlin, where they are pleading not guilty to terrorism charges. Prosecutors believe the pair met at an al-Qa’ida terrorist-training camp in Pakistan and were sent back to Europe to recruit a network of suicide bombers.

The device found in Mr Lodin’s underwear contained a pornographic video called «Kick Ass» and a file marked «Sexy Tanja». German investigators were said to have taken weeks to crack a password and software contained in the video which finally revealed the existence of more than 100 al-Qa’ida documents concealed inside. Intelligence officials said they believed that although the plans had been conceived in 2009, they remained the template of al-Qa’ida’s future strategy.

Al-Qa’ida opens a new front line

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