Labour-leder Ed Milliband innrømmer at innvandringspolitikken har vært skadelig for briter, men at partiet ikke har villedet eller løyet bevisst.

The Labour leader insisted that the party had not set out to mislead the public over immigration but that the party’s policies had “effects on people right up and down the country” and that not enough was done to protect British workers.
Mr Miliband made the admission in an interview on the first day of Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool during which the party is under pressure to admit to mistakes made during its time in Government.

“I don’t agree that we lied but I do agree that we got it wrong. I think we underestimated the level of immigration from Poland, which had a big effect on people,” he said
In another interview, he said: “I think we did introduce, we did allow the entry of Poland into the free movement of labour too quickly, and that clearly had effects on people right up and down the country. We’ve clearly got to learn those lessons for the future when it comes to future accession…if you have a more open economy in Europe, you’ve got to put in the right protection for people, for workers.”
The previous Labour Government allowed virtually unchecked immigration from eastern Europe to Britain.

Labour ‘got it wrong’ on immigration, says Ed Miliband
Labour “got it wrong” by introducing an immigration policy which allowed hundreds of thousands of foreigners to move to Britain, Ed Miliband admitted today.