Prince sier at han trives når han er i muslimske land og ser burkakledde kvinner. Det gjør godt å se at det bare finnes én norm, at det ett sted er orden. De liker det, sier han om kvinnene.

Prince, the Grammy Award-winning artist behind “Purple Rain,” told the Guardian in an interview that women forced to wear burqas in Islamic countries are “happy” to wear them.

“It’s fun being in Islamic countries, to know there’s only one religion,” Prince told the British newspaper. “There’s order. You wear a burqa. There’s no choice. People are happy with that.” (Burqa bans grow fashionable in Europe)

The Guardian pointed out that perhaps not every woman forced to wear a burqa is thrilled with the idea. The singer acknowledged: “There are people who are unhappy with everything. There’s a dark side to everything.”

Pop star Prince says Islamic women love wearing burqas