Den iranske revolusjonsgarden skriver på en hjemmeside om hvordan verden vil reagere når den første iranske atombomben testes.

Iran har offisielt aldri innrømmet at det etterstreber en atombombe.

Men på nettstedet Gerdab.ir skriver man om bomben som er i anmarsj.

A chilling article titled “The Next Day after the Iranian Nuclear Bomb Test Will be a Normal Day” recently appeared on an Iranian website, Gerdab.ir, which is run by the Revolutionary Guards. This is the first time that an outlet belonging to the Iranian government openly talked about a nuclear bomb — Iran has insisted repeatedly that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

The commentary states that after the Iranian nuclear bomb test, everyone will be able to go about their business as usual. The explosion will not be so strong as to bring destruction to the neighboring areas, though not so weak that the Iranian scientists have difficulties with their test. But it will be a day for Iranians to be filled with pride. The article even predicts playfully how Western media will cover the event.

Most chilling is how the article ends with a quote from the Quran (Al Enfal 60):

And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah.

Den Øverste Leder, Ali Khamenei, skal ha gitt ordre om at arbeidet med bomben skal fremskyndes.

Khamenei offered the same message on June 1 at the Imam Hussein Military Academy:

The Great Satan, since the early days of the Revolution, has mobilized its military, financial, propaganda, and political empire to defeat the Islamic Revolution and the Iranian nation, but the political realities in Iran and the region show that the U.S. has been brought to its knees by the Islamic Revolution.

He further stated that the failure of the U.S. policies in the Middle East and the promising revival of Islam in the region are the realization of the divine promises to the Iranian nation — and that the recent events herald the realization of God’s promise that Islam and the Muslims will ultimately triumph.

Det er et pseudonym Reza Kahlili som skriver dette på pajamasmedia.com. Han er tidligere CIA-agent inne i Iran, og har utgitt en bok nylig:

Iran to Test First Nuclear Bomb by 2012?