President Barack Obama har bekreftet at det er funnet eksplosiver på to fly på vei til USA. Det er snakk om pakker fra Jemen som var adressert til jødiske institusjoner i Chicago-området. Man tror Al Qaida står bak.

US President Barack Obama says initial examinations of two suspicious packages bound for the US show they appeared to have contained explosive materials.

He said the packages, found in the UK and Dubai on two overnight planes in transit from Yemen, were destined for Jewish places of worship in Chicago.

Security alerts are under way in the US, UK and Middle East.

Two cargo planes owned by the freight company UPS were also searched in Newark and Philadelphia.

New aviation security measures are being taken in light of the alert, the US Homeland Security Department announces
The US says that if a terror link is confirmed, the main suspects will be al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen – al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)
US fighter jets escorted Emirates flight 201 from Dubai into New York, with officials saying the action was being taken «out of an abundance of caution» because cargo from Yemen was on board
Cobra, the UK government’s emergency planning committee, met on Friday and was to meet again on Saturday, the BBC understands, as discussions continue about how to tighten UK security further.