Seks jødiske bosettere tente på en moske i en landsby nær Betlehem mandag, og bilder av brente koraner gikk verden rundt.

Settlerne har adopterte en strategi der de lar palestinerne unngjelde hvis regjeringen begrenser byggingen av ulovlige bosettinger. Det er en form for utpressing, og det på voldelig vis.

Six armed men in a white car drove into Beit Fajjar village near Bethlehem early Monday morning and spray-painted Hebrew insults on the walls before setting the building alight, according to officials.
Some of the group were wearing Jewish skullcaps and at least one wore a mask, they said.
Several Korans and prayer rugs were incinerated in the attack, according to Ali Sawabta of the local municipality.
Both the Israeli police and military are investigating the incident.
The Islamist Hamas movement ruling Gaza, meanwhile, condemned what it called «the Zionist desecration of houses of God».
The dispute over Jewish settlements has been at the heart of US-led negotiations aimed at rescuing Israel-Palestinian peace talks after a ban on building new settler homes in the West Bank expired on September 26.
Hardline settlers have adopted what they call a «price tag» policy under which they attack Palestinians, their fields or villages, whenever the Israeli government takes measures to curb settlement construction.

Israeli settlers ‘set fire to mosque’
Jewish settlers opposed to a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians have been accused of setting fire to a mosque in the West Bank.