En tysk dom­stol har kom­met til at en gutt får beholde nav­net Dje­had, som er en litt annen skrive­måte for jihad, eller hel­lig krig.

A Ber­lin court has upheld rulings in favor of parents who sought to name their son Dje­had, a varia­tion on the Ara­bic “jihad,” or holy war.

The superior court upheld two lower court rulings allowing the name on grounds that it is rec­og­nized for males in Ara­bic-speak­ing countries.

Ger­man aut­hori­ties who regis­ter births had objected to the name, say­ing it could be harm­ful for the child given the associa­tions with Isla­mic ter­ro­rism.

But the court said in a ruling Tues­day that the name’s meaning is rooted in the require­ment to spread the Mus­lim faith, alt­hough it has recently become lin­ked — espec­ially since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks — with radi­cal Islam.

Ger­man law rest­ricts parents from giving their child­ren names that could be inter­preted as harm­ful.

Ger­man Court Allows Boy to be Named ‘Dje­had’ – Meaning ‘Holy War’ 

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