26 israelske soldater som deltok i Gaza-krigen i januar står frem i en rapport og forteller om metoder som IDF ugjerne vil forbindes med: sivile brukt som skjold, skyting mot sivile, og vilkårlig bruk av hvitt fosfor.

Soldatene sier deres overordnede ledet dem inn i et moralsk tussmørke.

Soldiers described incidents in which Israeli forces killed an unarmed Palestinian carrying a white cloth, an elderly woman carrying a sack, a Gazan riding a motorcycle, and an elderly man with a flashlight, said Breaking the Silence, a group formed by army reservists in 2004.

Any Palestinian spotted near Israeli troops was considered suspect. A man talking on a cell phone on the roof of his building was viewed as a legitimate target because he could’ve been telling militants where to find Israeli forces, the group quoted soldiers as saying.

«In urban warfare, everyone is your enemy,» said one soldier. «No innocents.»

The 110-pages of testimony — along with 16 video clips — of interviews with 26 unnamed Israeli soldiers offers the most comprehensive look inside a military campaign that’s become the subject of an unfolding United Nations war crimes investigation.

The Israel Defense Forces dismissed the report.
Michael Sfard, an Israeli human rights attorney who reviewed the testimony, said the stories reflected a «dramatic change in the ethos» of the Israeli military that portrays itself as the most moral army in the world.

«What we are seeing now is a deterioration of our moral values and red lines,» Sfard said. «This is a dramatic change in heart and values.»

Israeli soldiers in Gaza describe a ‘moral Twilight Zone’