25 britiske politimenn ble skadd da de skulle fjerne 5.000 tamiler utenfor Westminister. Hvordan vil tamil-diasporaen reagere på at Tigrene er beseiret og mange sivile drept? Hva kan vi forvente fra tamilene i Norge? Norge spilte en meklerrolle, men gjorde lite da regjeringshæren aksjonerte.

Twenty-five police officers were injured in the early hours of this morning and ten British Tamil protesters arrested as police attempted to break up a demonstration blocking the streets around Westminster.

The violent clashes took place hours after the Sri Lankan government announced victory over the Tamil Tiger rebels and the death of all the main Tiger leadership.

The clashes outside Parliament left three officers requiring hospital treatment, while five protesters were also taken to hospital and more treated at the scene, all for minor injuries.

The protesters were arrested for public order offences after refusing to move from the roads outside Parliament. Up to 5,000 protesters had broken out of the centre of Parliament Square at around 4pm yesterday and brought Westminster to a standstill. They staged a sit-down protest to call for international intervention in Sri Lanka, where thousands of civilians remain in internment camps at the end of the bloody civil war that has claimed 70,000 lives.

Police hurt as UK Tamil protests turn violent