Øverstkommanderende for Gaza-operasjonen, brigadegeneral Eyal Eisenberg, sier det var Hamas som valgte at sivile boligområder skulle være slagmark. Familiers hus ble utnyttet til våpendepoter uten at folk visste om det, sa han.

He said the army maintained its integrity and morality during the fighting in Gaza. «IDF soldiers embarked on a just war, a no-choice war. The country is supposed to provide safety for its citizens and that’s what we did,» Eisenberg said.

He added that Hamas had no right to broach the subject of morality, as they had chosen a civilian battlefield. «When out of the brickwork a terrorist jumps out and starts shooting, or when an explosive device is planted in a satellite dish, we have no choice but to act accordingly,» he said.

«Sometimes it’s incomprehensible just how monstrously and inhumanely Hamas operatives behave, whether it’s to send a woman out with a Koran in one hand and a grenade in the other, or to give a child weapons to transfer from place to place.»

Eisenberg claims Hamas made use of civilians’ homes without their knowledge. «Entire families in Gaza were living above packages of explosives without knowing it, for months and even years,» he said.

IDF: Gazans were living atop explosives