Iran vil markere Holocaustdagen ved å utgi en bok med satiriske tegninger om Holocaust. Det later til å være tegningene som kom inn til utstillingen som ble holdt i 2006, som et svar på karikaturstriden.

A student-linked Iranian publisher plans to launch English and Arabic versions of a book of caricatures and satirical writings about the Holocaust, a semi-official news agency reported on Sunday.

The book deals with the «big historical distortion» of the Holocaust and the English and Arabic editions would be published at a ceremony in Tehran later this month when a message from Ahmadinejad would be read out, Fars News Agency said.

Iran’s IRNA news agency said in September the book had 52 caricatures plus satirical writings over 108 pages. It was published by Martyr Shahbazi Publications and the Islamic student movement of the Science and Industry University.
«The presentation ceremony will be held on January 27th, with the attendance of a number of government officials,» said Mohammad-Mehdi Hemmati, who is involved in the project.

Iran to publish English version of satirical book on Holocaust