Flere muslimer hever sin røst mot Hamas. De ser at Hamas ikke driver frigjøring, men ofrer sivilbefolkningen i en permanent krig. De ser farene dette representerer også for andre muslimer, fordi det truer med å trekke dem inn i krigen. For eller mot? blir spørsmålet. Men for eller mot hva? Man kan være mot Israels bombing uten å være for Hamas, vil disse stemmene ha fram.

Nettet gjør det mulig for dem å komme til orde:

The Muslim Canadian Congress, for example, has issued a statement holding Hamas responsible for precipitating the recent conflict in Gaza.
The statement begins by condemning the recent Israeli attacks in Gaza as «disproportionate,» but quickly turns its attention to censuring Hamas. According to the congress, Hamas is responsible for using the Palestinian people as «human bait,» in an effort to kindle an all-out war in Gaza.
«No other national liberation movement in modern history has offered martyrdom as a substitute to freedom and statehood. Hamas has set back the clock for the Palestinians and it is time for all Palestinians to recognize that Hamas offers only death, destruction and a place in Paradise, not a Palestinian State.»

Mona Elthawy

The columnist Mona Eltahawy, to give another example, who writes for Egypt’s Al Masry Al Youm and Qatar’s Al Arab, published a piece in which she lambasts Hamas and the Arab world for their self-destructive addiction to Israel.

«It is difficult to criticize Palestinians when so many have died this weekend,» she writes, «but the Hamas rulers of Gaza are just the latest of their leaders to fail them. For those of us who long to separate religion from politics, Hamas has given the truth to the fear that Islamists care more about facing down Israel than taking care of their people. The Palestinians of Gaza are victims equally of Hamas and Israel.»

Eltahawy originally published her article on Facebook, where bashing Israel is a full-time occupation. But even on the popular social networking site, a quick glance at some threads reveals that Muslim are far from intellectually monolithic on the operations in Gaza.

«Israel is no angel among nations,» writes a man who identifies himself as a secular Muslim, «but Hamas is a disgrace to the freedom struggles of countless peoples – offering its own people to die so that it can serve some sick allegiance to Iran.»

Hamas må ikke få sette betingelsene for hva som er nasjonal frigjøringskamp, ei heller for hva det er å være muslim.

«The simple reason we see Muslims speaking out against Hamas,» says the Muslim activist and writer, Raquel Evita Saraswati, «is that the organization has proved itself to be terrorist by nature and function; and while the larger Muslim community has always stated its rejection of terrorism, we see the pressing need to make our voices louder in these especially contentious times.»

Pro-Israel camp would be wise to heed Muslim cries for peace