Det har dukket opp borgervern i områder av Nord-Italia med høy kriminalitet. Nå fremmer LIga Nord forslag om legalisering og samarbeid med politiet.

Unauthorised patrols of several northern Italian cities have been underway for the last year and authorities have turned a blind eye to them as concerned locals fight back against rising crime rates.

Under the proposals by the anti-immigration Northern League, the vigilante patrols would have the backing of the local police. The plan is now to be considered by the Italian Upper House.

Another controversial proposal by the Northern League the introduction of a referendum before a mosque or other place of worship is built.

Northern League MP Mario Borghezio said: «Thanks to the initiatives of the Northern League these ronde (vigilante) patrols will soon be working with the forces of law and order.

«Now all honest citizens will no longer feel that they have to hand over the areas where they live to criminals, drug dealers and prostitutes. It’s a very proud day.»

Italy considers legalising vigilante groups