Tyrkia har endret loven om fornærmelse mot «tyrkiskhet» til fornærmelse mot republikken. Likevel ble en forlegger dømt til fem måneders fengsel for å ha utgitt en bok om folkemordet på armernene i 1915. Dommen vekker mistanken om at lovendringen ikke betyr noen ting.

A Turkish publisher has been sentenced to five months in prison for publishing a book by a British author about the mass killing of Armenians in 1915.

Ragip Zarakolu was found guilty of «insulting the institutions of the Turkish republic» under Article 301 of Turkey’s penal code.

The controversial law was recently reformed under pressure from the EU to ensure freedom of speech in Turkey.

This is the first high-profile verdict to be handed down since then.

Mr Zarakolu’s sentence seems to confirm campaigners’ fears that changes to the law were merely cosmetic, says the BBC’s Sarah Rainsford in Istanbul.

In April it became a crime to insult the Turkish nation, rather than Turkishness. But insulting the Turkish nation can still be punished by up to two years in jail.

Sensitive issue

Mr Zarakolu was brought to trial for publishing a book by British author George Jerjian on the mass killings of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

Prison for Turkey book ‘insult’