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Shmuel Rosner, Ha’aretz USA-korrespondent, stilte noen spørsmål til Jeffrey Goldberg og Goldbergs svar på det siste: «Vil Israel overleve» er verdt å studere. Goldberg sier Midtøsten ikke er snill med minoriteter og nevner: kurdere, koptere, svarte i Sudan. Fiendskapen mot Israel stikker dypt.

Goldberg tror det blir en ny krig, langs de linjer vi her har skissert: Hizbollah, Syria, Hamas.

5. Is Israel finished?

I hope not. But I’m worried. There are a number of forces conspiring against its long-term survival. The first is more salient: The inability of Arab Islam? and today, Persian Islam — to tolerate ethnic and religious diversity in the Middle East. We’ve seen this over and over again: Iraqi Kurds; Copts in Egypt; black Africans in Sudan, and so on. This is something people don’t talk about, but the impulse toward religious and ethnic purity is quite strong in the Arab world. I worry that the Arab world is mostly allergic to the idea of Jewish national equality, and that this is more-or-less immutable. Specifically, I believe that another war is coming, a two or three-front war: Hamas versus Israel in Gaza and parts of the West Bank, and Hezbollah, once again, on the northern border. And just as the second Intifada was worse than the first, the third will be worse than the second.

I think this endless cycle calls into question Israel’s ability to flourish, if not survive. I worry, too, about the Iranian nuclear program, though I have a hard time imagining that the Iranians, even the most irrational among them, would bring about the destruction of Persian civilization, which is what would happen if Iran were to use nuclear weapons against Israel. Finally, I worry about demographics. Israeli Jews will soon be a minority on the lands Israel controls. This is an immediate crisis, and I wish people would realize that.

With all this said, let me offer a note of optimism. Jews survive. It’s what we do. We survive in all sorts of improbable ways. Our enemies disappear, and we remain. The current situation does not give me a great deal of hope. But our history does.

Is Israel finished? Five questions