© Steve Russell

November 3…

After lunch I continued south on Hwy 7 until I crossed scenic highway 10, where I headed west. I called it a day early after finding a beautiful Corps of Engineers campsite on the south side of Blue Mountain Lake. Spunky and I took another hike along the shoreline where we found a most unique grouping of trees along the water. I had never seen any quite like these, and their color was spectacular. I have attached some pictures I took near sunset. The temperature was about 75 and the lake was deserted except for a couple of boats fishing. I saw no buildings or cabins at all. The campsite is rustic with no power or water. Probably because of that it was deserted except for one tent, whose owners did not return until after dark. We had our first fire of the trip and Spunky was a little nervous about that. This is what it is all about, seeing beautiful country, discovering neat places, and generally having a great time.

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