Rettssaken mot gruppen på 17 som planla å storme det canadiske parlamentet og halshogge statsministeren, åpnet i Toronto tirsdag. Aktor sier de vil legge frem bevis for våpentrening på treningsleire og forsøk på å kjøpe tre tonn kunstgjødsel.

The suspect was among 17 people arrested in June 2006 after they allegedly tried to obtain three tons of ammonium nitrate, an explosive material commonly used in fertilizer. Officials accused the suspects of plotting attacks and said they were inspired by al-Qaida.

One defense lawyer has said his client and some of the other suspects were charged with plotting to attack Canada’s Parliament, take hostages and possibly behead the prime minister if their demands for the release of Muslim prisoners were not met.
The government will present evidence that proves the youth attended a training camp where he participated in military exercises and firearms training, prosecution attorney Marco Mendicino said.

En informant lyktes å infiltrere gruppen og tok opp flere samtaler på bånd hvor det åpent diskuteres angrep. Rettssaken åpnet igår, men vitneforklaringene begynner ikke før 27. mai.

På båndene høres «jihad-rap», man skryter og drømmer om angrep. Da gruppen gjorde direkte forberedelser ble den pågrepet.

A transcript of the video shows one suspect urging others: «Whether we get arrested, whether we get killed, we get tortured, our mission’s greater than just individuals.»

In a transcript of an audio recording, one suspect details a plan to attack politicians in Ottawa.

«What happens? What happens at the Parliament?» one person is heard asking.

«We go and kill everybody,» another responds.

«And then what?»

«And then read about it … we get victory.»

In another recording a suspect says the group’s objective was on a «greater scale» than the «London bombings»

First trial opens in Canada terror case