Biskopen av Oxford har mottatt sjikanøs post og trusler etter at han støttet lokale muslimers ønske om bønnerop fra minareten tre ganger om dagen i Oxford. Biskopen forstår ikke reaksjonene. Han mener det er samfunnets bunnfall som stikker hodet frem.

The Bishop of Oxford has been sent death threats after backing plans for a Muslim call to prayer in the city.
Having in principle backed plans for mosque leaders to make the loudspeaker call, the Rt Rev John Pritchard said the «dark underbelly of British society» made a number of threats against his life.

He said: «I received extraordinary mail. One said, ‘resign’ six times in a large font. One called for me to be beheaded and another said: ‘I wish I lived closer so I could spit on you.’ The dark underbelly of British society was coming out.»

A spokesman for the representatives from Oxford’s Central Mosque have repeatedly stated their wish to be able to play the muezzin’s (caller’s) traditional message to the Muslim faithful from speakers on a minaret.

Dozens of residents near the mosque, in Manzil Way, have urged the council to reject the plan, claiming it will turn the area into a «Muslim ghetto».

Bishop’s death threats over mosque plan