I rettssaken om hvorvidt TV-kanalen France2 har manipulert filmen om palestinske Muhamad al Duras død, skulle kanalen legge frem råfilmen for en fransk domstol. Men opptakene som ble presentert onsdag var på bare 18 minutter, og kjenner sier det finnes minst 27 minutter med opptak. Noe mangler.

Enderlin submitted 18 minutes of footage, but Alain Benjamin, who attended the trial, noted that «The judge, without any prompting from lawyers, asked what happened to the [full] 27 minutes. Enderlin said on record in court that he had to manipulate some footage that was not relevant to that day.»

When the judge asked if anyone in attendance had seen the full footage, Richard Landes, a Boston University professor who has released several documentaries on the al-Dura case, testified that he had seen more footage at Enderlin’s office, totalling at least 21 minutes long. Landes later expressed certainty that France-2 presented tampered evidence to the court. «They cut scenes,» he declared, adding that he could prove it. The Augean Stables blog contains detailed descriptions of the likely tampering.

Nidra Poller of Pajamas Media describes in amusing detail the courtroom drama and the machinations of Enderlin, showing how the «raw footage» was «cooked.»

Doubts about the credibility of the France-2 report began to surface over time and were documented by German filmmaker Esther Schapira in her March, 2002 release, «Three Bullets and a Dead Child: Who Shot Mohammed al-Dura?» She concluded that Israeli bullets could not have killed the boy. But France-2, sister station of the German ARD which produced the film, refused to air it.

Fallhøyden er stor for mange i denne saken. Man kan bare tenke seg hvordan ARD vil se ut , hvis det viser seg at de har avvist en film som dokumenterte at et samtidsikon var manipulert.

French court video show convinces viewers that Dura’s death was staged