En en studie for FN som 1.400 forskere står bak konkluderer med at menneskene ødelegger jorda i rekordfart. De siste 20 årene har menneskene forbrukt jorda i en fart som vil true vår overlevelse som art, hvis den fortsetter.

Norge er ett av landene som har finansiert studien.

The speed at which mankind has used the Earth’s resources over the past 20 years has put «humanity’s very survival» at risk, a study involving 1,400 scientists has concluded.

The environmental audit, for the United Nations, found that each person in the world now requires a third more land to supply his or her needs than the Earth can supply.

Thirty per cent of amphibians, 23 per cent of mammals and 12 per cent of birds are under threat of extinction, while one in ten of the world’s major rivers runs dry every year before it reaches the sea.

The bleak verdict on the environment was issued as an «urgent call for action» by the United Nations Environment Programme, which said that the «point of no return» was fast approaching.
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The report was drafted and researched by almost 400 scientists, all experts in their fields, whose findings were subjected to review by another 1,000 of their peers.

Scientists conducting the review, 157 of whom were nominated by 48 governments, were split into groups of expertise for each of the ten chapters of the report. Other experts were selected from more than 50 research centres in 47 countries.

‘Humanity’s very survival’ is at risk, says UN