Rundt 5-6 prosent av britiske muslimer støtter den væpnede kampen mot det britiske samfunn, anslår Haras Rafiq, medlem av Sufi Muslim Council og rådgiver for regjeringen.

Det er i et nytt Dispatches-program på Channel 4 som sendes mandag at Rafiq sier tallet på folk som støtter eller har forståelse for terroristene, fortsatt er alarmerende høyt.

Mr Rafiq, an adviser to the Government’s preventing extremism taskforce, said: «A percentage of people actually agree and support proactively the people that are deciding to blow themselves up.

«It varies, it can be 7 per cent, 5 per cent, 9 per cent.»

With 1.6 million Muslims living in the UK, nine per cent is the equivalent of 144,000 people supporting terrorism.

‘Proactively’ supporting terrorism is understood to mean the people are vocal in their support for fanatics, rather than actively helping them to commit atrocities.

Mr Rafiq, filmed by Channel 4’s Dispatches, went on: «Next we can have a percentage of people that can actually sympathise.

«These people at this stage … won’t go out and be operational and won’t decide to blow themselves up but can sympathise with the people that can blow themselves up.

«Again this can be in double digits. Then we have a percentage of the population that actually empathises with the people that blow themselves up. It could be 15 to 20 per cent.

«It could be somebody who says, ‘I don’t agree that these guys are blowing themselves up but I can actually understand why’.»

Tallene er ikke statistisk belagt, men basert på Rafiqs arbeid. Han orienterte tidligere i år Scotland Yard om stemningen blant muslimer i Storbritannia.

Fremdeles kommer radikale imamer inn i Storbritannia for å hisse opp unge mennesker, eller de fortsetter fra utlandet via internett.

The documentary reveals that fanatics are continuing to peddle a message of hatred in the UK.

This centres on persuading Muslims that the covenant of security that in return for safety and freedom, Muslims do not attack the nation that is their home – has been broken by draconian anti-terror laws and the war in Iraq.

Dispatches discovered that Abu Mohammed, a fanatical preacher based in Europe, managed to make a series of visits to Britain, lecturing to young Muslims in houses in Luton, before being banned by the Home Office in March this year.

He continues to radicalise followers here via the Internet.

Mohammed is filmed by reporter Phil Rees declaring: «We are in a state of war and no covenant exists… British Muslims should know that the British Government will do everything to frighten them, to make them very uncomfortable and they have to be prepared to pay the price and fight back.»

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