Salafister av ymse slag har et desperat behov for en Freud. Alt som har med kvinner og sex er en besettelse. Jo, sterkere kontroll, jo mer opptatt blir de av «det».

Tre historier: Fra Saudi-Arabia, Irak og Iran. Historien om Ahmadinejad er en episode. Men sier dog noe om hva man er villig til å ofre blekk på. Beskrivelsen av kvinnenes stilling i Saudi-Arabia rører ved noe fundamentalt sykt ved samfunnet. Jihadistene i Irak befinner seg i samme kategori som Røde Khmer.

..President Ahmadinejad of Iran yesterday found himself accused of breaking Islamic law with an «indecent» public act, after he could not resist embracing and kissing the hand of his former primary school teacher, an elderly woman, at an impromptu reunion.

«This type of indecency has grave consequences, like violating religious and sacred values,» thundered the conservative Hezbollah newspaper, which described the incident as unprecedented in the 28-year Iranian revolution. Islamic law forbids men touching women to whom they are not related. Although in private these rules are often ignored by Iranians, strict adherence by officials is expected.

Najmeh Gholi Pour, the object of Mr Ahmadinejad’s affection, was attending a Teachers’ Day ceremony when he embraced her before kissing her hand before a TV crew.

Anger at kiss for teacher

Columnist Dr. Maha Al-Hujailan criticized the norms of Saudi society, where a woman must live in constant fear that her husband may take another wife. In an Al-Watan article titled «the Intimidation of Women in Our Society,» she wrote: «Our culture rests on several basic values of family life, including the assumption that a women must live in constant fear of a man. This is especially true when she gets married, since she must constantly suffer mental and psychological anguish, fearing that her husband may take another wife.
«According to [our] culture, [only] a woman who lives in this sort of fear and anguish properly fulfills her role as wife, while a women who feels assured that her husband will not take another wife comes to disdain her husband and her family life…This culture causes a women to feel mentally and psychologically inferior, like a quarrelsome child who must be constantly supervised, intimidated and punished into performing her duties.
«In our culture, an exemplary, clever, and well-behaved woman is one who fulfils her duty out of the constant fear… that her husband will take another wife, since she is helpless [to prevent this]. [It is assumed that] if it weren’t for this overt or covert threat, the woman would not behave herself.
«No doubt, it is [our] social reality that reinforced this notion and turned it into an accepted [norm] among men and women alike. Some women were raised in this culture, and [its norms] have become part of their mental and psychological baggage. Perhaps this [upbringing] has caused them to believe that a good man who respects them is nothing but a weak and unstable man… In their opinion, an ideal man is a violent one who humiliates his wife. This is the ideal upheld by the society in which they were raised.»(3)

Saudi Women Columnists Protest Against Oppression of Women in Saudi Arabia

Utopi i revers

The aim of the «state» is to recreate a Sunni land in the image of Arabia at the time of the Prophet Muhammad, as the Taleban had tried to do in Afghanistan. The movement enforces a rigorous version of Salafist Islam, banning men from shaving, having short hair like American soldiers or even smoking. Men caught repeatedly smoking have their index fingers rammed into metal pipes and then snapped, while cigarette shops have been torched.

The rules have often been taken to absurd extremes. Greengrocers in the «caliphate» told The Times that they had been ordered not to sell bananas in public because they were deemed obscene, while cucumbers could not be sold next to tomatoes, which are deemed to represent femininity. At the most extreme, shepherds have been ordered to cover the nether regions of their goats to avoid offending strict Salafist sensibilities.

Al-Qaeda leader who kidnapped Briton and murdered US peace activist is killed

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