Det var et usedvanlig skarpt språk som ble brukt da IPCC-rapporten ble lagt frem. -Det er siste gang vi kommer med advarsler. Neste rapport vil beskrive katastrofen som allerede utfolder seg, sa en forsker.

Some authors said that the report removed any doubt about the urgency of acting to curb emissions of greenhouse gases.

«The warnings are clear about the scale of the projected changes to the planet,» said Bill Hare, an author of the new report and a visiting scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Potsdam, Germany. «Essentially, there’s going to be a mass extinction within the next 100 years unless climate change is limited,» added Dr. Hare, who previously worked for the environmetal advocacy group Greenpeace.

«These impacts have been known for many years, and are now seen with greater clarity in this report,» he said. «That clarity is perhaps the last warning we’re going to get before we actually have to report in the next I.P.C.C. review that we’re seeing the disaster unfolding.»

Kina, Saudi-Arabia og Russland mener rapporten er for skarp, men flere forskere mener at den er for mild. Utviklingen er enda mer alvorlig enn det rapporten gir uttrykk for.

Officials from those countries argued that data in the report did not support the level of certainty expressed in the final draft.

But some authors were not assuaged. The final document was «much less quantified and much vaguer and much less striking than it could have been,» said Stéphane Hallegatte, a participant from France’s International Center for Research on the Environment and Development.

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