Sakset/Fra hofta

En libanesisk poet har stått frem på libanesisk TV og gjentatt den gamle anklagen om at jøder drepte en prest i 1840 for å benytte blodet til å lage matzo-brød. Poeten het Chamoun, et maronittisk navn.

I intervjuet viser poeten, Marwan Chamoun, til en bok skrevet av den tidligere syriske forsvarsministeren Mustafa Tlass, som «dokumenterer» drapet. Boken regnes som fast inventar i det antisemittiske rustkammer.

Marwan Chamoun: «How many of us Lebanese, or even Arabs, know anything about the Talmud? Or about the book, Exposing the Talmud? Or about the book, Pawns on the Chessboard? Or about another book, The Secret World Government? Or about Exposing the Talmud? Or about Blood for the Matzah of Zion, [which deals with] the slaughter of the priest Tomaso de Camangiano, who was a Sicilian with French citizenship, in the days of Muhammad Ali Pasha, in 1840…»
«[Former Syrian] Minister Mustafa Tlass wrote a voluminous book about this, in which he included all the documents written by the French diplomats and consul in Lebanon.»
«The world loves the Jews. The ‘ruler’ is Christianity – the Christian West. Arabs, Muslims – why don’t you take advantage of something like this? A priest was slaughtered in the presence of two rabbis in the heart of Damascus, in the home of a close friend of this priest, Daud Al-Harari, the head of the Jewish community of Damascus. After he was slaughtered, his blood was collected, and the two rabbis took it. Why? So they could worship their god, because by drinking human blood, they can get closer to God. Where are our diplomats and politicians? Why don’t we profit from these historical matters, which are presented to us on a simple, eternal, golden platter?
«As I’ve said, these books can be found on the streets of Beirut. There are approximately 20 to 30 such books. I must have bought about 2,000 copies since they were published, maybe more. I’d like to say 20,000 copies, but I don’t know. When somebody gets married, instead of chocolates, I give him one of these books. Whoever reads this for the first time feels a chill of horror and disbelief. He cannot believe it.»

Når antisemittiske bøker er bryllupsgave, får man tanker om hatet mellom folkegruppene i Libanon. At det er en kristen poet som sier dette, er overraskende. De sekteriske motsetningene er selvforsterkende. Man blir oppmerksom på menneskene man omgås til enhver tid, hvem de er. Klassisk antisemittisme er den ultimate sekterisme.

Lebanese Poet Marwan Chamoun: Jews Slaughtered Christian Priest in Damascus in 1840 and Used His Blood for Matzos