Kommentatorer i arabiske medier stiller seg fremmed overfor eller distanserer seg i økende grad fra Al Qaida på grunn av volden mot sivile og fordømmelsen av valgdeltakelse.

De talløse selvmordsbomberne mot sivile irakere har nå hatt en akkumulativ virkning. Det samme har Al Qaidas fordømmelse av valgdeltakelse, såvel i Irak som i Egypt. Dermed har de også lagt seg ut med Det muslimske Brorskap.

The growing distinction drawn in sections of the Arab media between what is seen as acceptable – some of the insurgency in Iraq, political moves by Islamist groups – and the unacceptable – Islamic militants’ targeting of civilians – has been underlined by the coverage given to his (Zawahiris) latest statement and that of Zarqawi.

Al-Qaeda’s propaganda war for the hearts and minds of the Arab masses is clearly facing increasing obstacles – from outright denunciation in the Arab media to studied indifference.

Flere arabiske TV-stasjoner valgte å ignorere de siste kunngjøringene fra Zawahiri og Zarqawi. Eller de ble latterliggjort.

Both have released communications this month and both have received short shrift in much of the Arab media, giving a sense that they may be losing ground in their propaganda struggle.

In the following days, a number of newspapers and commentators across the Arab world attacked and even ridiculed the two statements.

Their reaction shows that these two leading voices of violent, radical Islam may be finding it increasingly hard to get their messages across in the media battle they are waging for the hearts and minds of the Arab and Muslim public.

Several papers also highlighted what they see as a growing clash in the media between the radical Islamic voices espousing violence to achieve their aims and the more traditional Islamist organisations now using more peaceful, political means to reach their goals.

Although al-Jazeera led with the latest messages from Zawahiri and Zarqawi – just as they have done with the tape purportedly from Osama Bin Laden – a number of other Arab broadcasters did not broadcast the material at all.

Arab media shun al-Qaeda message