Angrepet på offentige mål i Naltsjik ble ikke styrt fra Tsjetsjenia, det var lokale grupper som gikk til aksjon. Konflikten sprer seg.

THE diehard gang of Muslim extremists responsible for last week’s attack on the southern Russian city of Nalchik consisted 2_kommentarly of local militants intent on creating a strict Islamic state independent of Moscow, according to security sources in the region.
The disclosure that the gunmen were not sent from the war-torn republic of Chechnya but belonged to a group from Kabardino-Balkaria, the Russian republic of which Nalchik is the capital, will be of great concern to the Kremlin.

It provides alarming evidence that far from dying down — as claimed by President Vladimir Putin — the bloody Chechen conflict is spreading.

«Most of the militants who were killed and those caught alive are local,» said an officer with the Nalchik anti-terrorism police unit. » The ferocity of the attacks has shocked the city.»

Russia’s Islamic revolt is spreading
Mark Franchetti, Moscow , and Alexei Shvedov, Nalchik