The Guardian inneholder typisk nok en artikkel imorgen med tittel «It has nothing to do with religon» av Sher Khan. Den gamle studentaktivisten Tariq Ali, går for å være ganske moderat. Men skraper man litt i argumentasjonen, stikker den gamle venstreorienterte avvisningen av alt Vesten gjør. Terroren skyldes volden mot muslimer. Vesten må trekke seg ut, ikke bare fra Irak og Palestina, men også Afghanistan! Ut av Afghanistan? Da er du ikke lenger moderat. Og dette er skrevet samme dag som bombene smalt!

The real solution lies in immediately ending the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. Just because these three wars are reported sporadically and mean little to the everyday lives of most Europeans does not mean the anger and bitterness they arouse in the Muslim world and its diaspora is insignificant. As long as western politicians wage their wars and their colleagues in the Muslim world watch in silence, young people will be attracted to the groups who carry out random acts of revenge.

At the beginning of the G8, Blair suggested that «poverty was the cause of terrorism». It is not so. The principal cause of this violence is the violence being inflicted on the people of the Muslim world. And unless this is recognised, the horrors will continue.

The price of occupation

Polly Toynbee er en av Guardians mest respekterte kommentatorer. Hun representerer en annen variant. Den som sammenligner ondskapen med et naturfenomen. Noe vi må tåle.

Random atrocity has become part of the modern weather, almost as devoid of meaning as typhoons. The minds of those who did it seem too remote to understand, too unknowable a twister to summon up much rage or thirst for revenge. A thousand questions about fanaticism will go for ever unanswered. Of course we must detect, prevent and expunge it as best we can – but it is a monstrous force of unreason beyond arguing with. The rich west may always be subject to waves of it from time to time, whether they come dressed in banners of nationalism, religion or any other demented isms and cults. Until wealth and democracy is more evenly spread this may stay part of modern climate change, a price to be paid.