Irak wont go away for hverken Bush eller Blair. Butler-rapporten er rett rundt hjørnet, og den vil ventelig rette hard kritikk mot britisk etterretning. Senatets etterretningskomite kommer med en rapport som kritiserer CIA for ikke å fortalt presidenten hva de fikk vite av slektningene til irakiske vitenskapsmenn: nemlig at Saddam hadde innstilt WMD-programmene. Ikke noe av dette kom presidenten for øre. Tver om noe av informasjonen ble snudd på hodet.

The existence of a secret prewar C.I.A. operation to debrief relatives of Iraqi scientists — and the agency’s failure to give their statements to the president and other policymakers — has been uncovered by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The panel has been investigating the government’s handling of prewar intelligence on Iraq’s unconventional weapons and plans to release a wide-ranging report this week on the first phase of its inquiry. The report is expected to contain a scathing indictment of the C.I.A. and its leaders for failing to recognize that the evidence they had collected did not justify their assessment that Mr. Hussein had illicit weapons.

Among the many problems that contributed to the committee’s harsh assessment of the C.I.A.’s prewar performance were instances in which analysts may have misrepresented information, writing reports that distorted evidence in order to bolster their case that Iraq did have chemical, biological and nuclear programs, according to government officials. The Senate found, for example, that an Iraqi defector who supposedly provided evidence of the existence of a biological weapons program had actually said he did not know of any such program.

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